Toboq 200 Series

Pro Portable Mini Pump

A one of a kind Mini Water Vacuum Pump.  Customized with a powerful pump capable of removing, replacing or transferring water for any distance at variable speed.

Mini Pump & Vacuum
Our Most Professional Device Yet

Designed for use in a wide range of applications, such as: Scientific and Research Laboratories, Educational Labs, Recreational Vehicles, Campers, Boats, Aquariums, Ponds, Pools and more… .

Toboq 200S

3-Digit LED Display.

The 2.5 inch display range of 3-digit LED display is "000" to "100".. So you experience unbelievable detail on Tasks On an unbelievable scale.


Toboq 200S

The Tools Should Have

Toboq Systems has always been about Make things done quickly or thing get done easy and Clean, Portable, adjustable Task Required suctions or pressure, adjustable Handle degree, desk top, Silent, minimize vibrations, 12V DC input power usage , Where you can use 110V AC Power supply or Your Car, RV or Mobile home Battery’s.